The Best Moment To Quit Your Job: Temporada 1

Dec 10, 2017
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Yeon Ji (Go Won Hee, Go Go Waikiki) is a rookie designer at a wet wipes factory. Her annoying ex-boyfriend Lee Min Woo (guest star Go Kyung Pyo, Cross and her dead-end job gives her little room for advancement and even less room for happiness. Sun Hee (Lee Chung Ah, Vampire Detective) is Yeon Ji’s supervisor at the factory. She looks like she has temper issues, but she is also a lonely and misunderstood soul. Nam Hee (Jei, Fiestar, Vampire Detective) is Yeon Ji’s roommate. She has the most low-percentage dream in the world: she is an aspiring webtoon artist. Joyful and optimistic, Nam Hee doesn’t get discouraged by the fact that there are more failures as webtoon artists than there are actual webtoons. Hye Young (Jung Yeon Joo, Queen of Mystery) is a baker. Someday, she dreams of having her own bakery. Sadly, she lives in an economy that chews up and spits out new businesses faster than any cake or pastry. As these women struggle to figure out what they want in life, they form a bond they never thought possible. They are now a sisterhood of the basic question, “What is the best moment to quit your job?” Also known as “The Best Time to Quit a Company,” The Best Moment to Quit Your Job is based on the webtoon of the same name. It is directed by Jung Jung Hwa (Flower Boy Ramen Shop).