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The Taoism Grandmaster 1x44

Episode 44

Kunlun returned to Xianmeng and presented the last holy armor to Dajingling. The big mirror Ling ordered Kunlun to summon the sacred armor as the inquirer, but the sacred armor did not listen to the Kunlun command. The four lords only wondered that Kunlun was worried about his own tricks. He first started to be strong and understood the four ally. He declared that they had retired and practiced themselves and started a new Wuyue ally. Bai Yuji used his own tail to transform into a sacred armor and put it on Kunlun. Everyone in Xianmeng saw the holy armor and trusted him in Kunlun. In spite of his life, Liu Li continued to lose gas to Zhang Ling, and moved the night sky. The night sky spiritual rain prayed to the earth elves, hoping that they would help Zhang San for the help of the three realms, the earth elves took Zhang Ling.

The Taoism Grandmaster temporada 1