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The Taoism Grandmaster 1x41

Episode 41

Feifei and Tielang under the guidance of practicing evil spirits, gave up fighting with the enemy, the illusions disappeared, and the two successfully passed. However, Zhang Ling was trapped by his obsession, and he was bent on knocking down the Chiyou in front of him. As a result, he was deeper and deeper and he was inhaled into the void of Vientiane. Feifei and Tielang pulled Zhang Ling, and they refused to let go. Seeing that the three people had to disappear, they had to rescue the three people and even more serious their injuries. The seriously injured and punishable evil spirits finally fulfilled their wish. After passing the singularity of Jianfenglou to the “Very Road” trio, they passed away with laughter. Kunlun is increasingly worried that he can’t win. One person borrows alcohol to eliminate it. When he sees Bai Yuji appearing, he gives him a hair ball, saying that swallowing the hair ball can help him become a questioner.

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